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1. Choose a car:

Browse through the available cars on our website, Telegram channel, or social media platforms. Pay attention to the brand, model, specifications, and price of the car to choose the suitable option.

2. Check availability:

Contact us to confirm the availability of the chosen car at the auction. We will provide you with information about its availability and the possibility of acquisition.

3. Provide documents:

Provide us with a copy of your documents, such as passport and residential address, required for the purchase of the car from the auction.

4. Get a contract:

We will send you a scanned copy of the car delivery contract. Print it out, review the terms, and sign it.

5. Make an advance payment:

Make a down payment of 30% of the car’s cost, along with the delivery and auction fees.

6. Get a report:

Within 24 hours of making the purchase, we will provide you with a detailed report on the car’s purchase from the auction in your name.

7. Arrange delivery:

We will arrange the transportation of the car via car carrier or ship, depending on the delivery location. We will handle the loading and shipping through a transportation company.

8. Get shipping documents:

We will provide you with transport documents confirming the shipment of the car.

9. Pay the remaining amount:

Once you receive the transport documents, you must pay the remaining amount for the car.

10. Expect delivery:
Wait for the car to be delivered to your city. Typically, the delivery time is up to 14 days, but it may vary depending on the distance and transportation conditions.
11. Get a car:
After the delivery, you will become a proud owner of a car from the European auction. Receive your car and enjoy it!


We purchase vehicles on behalf of the client from auctions in three categories:

Probefahrt – test-drive vehicles from official dealers in Europe with mileage up to 8000 kilometers.

Leased – used vehicles that are auctioned minus the lessee’s payments with a mileage limit of up to 80,000 km.

Werbung – vehicles wrapped with advertising banners from official dealers, which have been displayed on advertising websites for 1-2 years.

Mileage does not exceed 1-5 thousand km. Vehicles from these three categories are sold 25% cheaper than the European market, and the VAT refund is 19%, giving us a total difference of 44% depending on the country of vehicle purchase.

1. Can I come and buy a car with cash?

No, we do not offer the option to purchase a car with cash. All cars are located at auctions, and the purchase process is made in the client’s name.

2. Can I inspect or test the car at the auction?

Unfortunately, we do not provide the opportunity to inspect or check the car at the auction. However, we guarantee that all cars presented at the auction are in perfect condition and 100% accident-free.

3.How do I register for the auction?

To register for the auction, you need to purchase a license. For detailed information about the registration procedure, please contact our company through our provided contacts.

4.Can I get contact numbers of satisfied customers?

In order to maintain confidentiality and protect our customers’ data, we do not disclose the phone numbers or contact information of our satisfied customers to third parties.

5.How can I make sure that the car is in good condition?

We guarantee that all cars at the auction are in perfect technical condition and 100% accident-free. For additional assurance, the vehicle supply agreement that you enter into with us ensures a purchase without accidents or incidents.

6.How can I make a remote payment?

You can make a remote payment through a bank transfer or using cryptocurrency. We will provide you with the necessary information to complete the payment after finalizing all purchase details.

7.What is the customs clearance price?

The customs clearance price of the car depends on various factors and is calculated individually for each vehicle. Please contact our company specialists to obtain a detailed calculation of the final cost of the car, including customs clearance.

8.What guarantees are provided for prepayment?

Guarantees are provided through the vehicle supply agreement that you enter into with our company. The contract protects you as a buyer and ensures the fulfillment of the transaction terms.

9.How long does the car delivery take?

From 10 to 30 days, depending on your region.